Archadeck Design Excellence - Grand Prize Winning Project - 2016 - Des Moines

While this beautiful, sprawling, curved deck near Des Moines allowed us to win the Archadeck Design Excellence Grand Prize for 2016, this project would not have come to fruition without the inspiration, passion and commitment of our clients, Jim and Marlis.

Truth be told, Marlis had the vision for this project…had the design and layout (mostly) defined…had Trex products and colors (mostly) picked…even before we first walked in their door for our design consultation. And then we thru her some curves and offered our expertise and skills to bring it alive in their backyard…on their beach. Which is to take nothing away from Jim. I mean, after all, he built a pond, an island and a beach!

Our local and national Archadeck teams thank Jim and Marlis for choosing us to develop this project for them…and for allowing us to showcase it in this manner. When our crew pulled away for the last time in the fall of 2016, we didn’t know we had a winner. But we knew we had something very nice. So also a “thank you” to our Archadeck peers nationwide for their validation of this project thru the Design Excellence Grand Prize awarded to Archadeck of Central Iowa for 2016.

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