White PVC Railing on Composite Deck - Johnston (Des Moines)

One of the oldest projects in our galleries here…this low-maintenance, composite deck in Johnston, northwest of Des Moines, has provided many, many hours of enjoyment for our clients over its (as of this writing) nearly 12 year life. And still going strong. The deck and our clients! This is a fairly recent picture of this Johnston deck (I was in the neighborhood) but check out this collage of its life over 12 (and counting) years by clicking here.

Innovations in low-maintenance, wood-alternative decking over the years certainly provide an array of improved options today. But really…this is still pretty classy…classic, don’t you think? Like a fine wine. Like a ’57 Corvette. Like a quality, well-built Archadeck deck.

Archadeck of Central Iowa, designing and building decks (porches, patios and more) like this 2004 classic, since 1997.

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