15 Reasons to Go Low-Maintenance with your Des Moines Area Deck, Porch or Patio Space

1) Less Work. (a TimberTech slogan – Pt 1)
2) More Life. (a TimberTech slogan – Pt 2)
3) No Splinters.
4) Always Party Ready.
5) Re-Sale Appeal: What Would You Rather Have on your Next Home’s Deck?
6) 100% Smarter Than Wood (an Azek slogan)
7) 25 Year (or more!) Warranty Protection
8) Colors Galore!
9) Ability to Mix Complimentary Colors for Borders, Trim, etc.
10) Styles Galore!
11) Deck Light Wiring Easily Hides in Rail Post Sleeves
12) Plastic can be Heated to Bend Deck Boards for Curved Deck Shapes
13) Don’t Forget Pavers are Low-Maintenance, too! And, they make a nice textural complement to a deck space.
14) I’d Rather be __________ (fill in the blank) than Power-Washing, Sanding, Sealing/Staining my Wood Deck
15) Wood-Alternative Technology has Changed – Improved – Significantly over the past 15 Years. We Know Because We’ve Been Doing Low-Maintenance for 15 Years
and Have Evolved with the Industry.

There is actually one more reason - a 16th reason - just like we have a 16th picture here: Most Wood-Alternative, Low-Maintenance projects we do run more than $15,000. Why is that a reason? See our Special Offers page for more information.

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