15 Reasons to put a Roof over your Des Moines Area Deck or Patio Space

1) Shade.
2) Cozier Ambiance.
3) Protection from Rain
4) Re-Sale Appeal. Many new homes have these “built-in” (though usually too small…like their decks); you’ll be competing (and winning with Archadeck) with those when you go to sell.
5) Architectural / Aesthetic Interest.
6) Hang a Ceiling Fan.
7) Keep your Inside Blinds/Shades/Curtains Open…the Roof Provides the Shad inside, too.
8) Stay Warm Infrared Heat Units Mounted on the Beams or Ceiling
9) Ceiling Lights – Recessed, Party String Lights, etc.
10) Skylight Windows!
11) Stone Columns (though you can do this with just a deck, as well)
12) Many Ceiling Finish Options…though tongue-and-groove cedar is the most popular.
13) Various Roof Styles…Gable (with open or closed gable), Hip, Shed (maybe with a false gable).
14) Metal versus Shingled Roof Options (yes, you can mix).
15) Most roof projects we do run more than $15,000. Why is that a reason? See our Special Offers page for more information.

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