Freestanding Screen Porch (Gazebo style) on Deck - Urbandale (Des Moines)

Full Transparency: We did not build this screen porch (gazebo) or deck. So we really can’t take credit for this design for this awesome backyard.

What we can take credit for is that when it came time to upgrade this deck from a splinter-y, crack-filled, wood deck to a low-maintenance, wood alternative deck, this Des Moines-area homeowner engaged us to re-deck and re-rail the existing deck structure.

We’ve included this here, though, because of the free-standing – not attached to the house – nature of the screen porch / gazebo. We don’t do this often, but primarily only because most folks want to walk out of their home directly into covered space. But, this free-standing porch (screened or not) approach can be very attractive and functional and – as is the case here – works very well in integrating the space into this lush Urbandale backyard. Pushed out further towards the tree line of the yard, it gives more a “tree house” feel to this portion of the deck.

Another reason to include it: Note how cedar-like the wood-alternative decking looks here, relative to the screen porch. We re-decked the deck using TimberTech’s Earthwood Evolutions capped-composite decking product in the Tropical Pacific Walnut color; the new railing was TimberTech’s Radiance Rail in black. But, we did not re-deck inside or otherwise do any work to make the screen porch low-maintenance. We could have. But, our client didn’t (yet) want to have to deal with the effort of re-working the screen walls or just deck around those walls. Regardless, their maintenance effort was greatly reduced by the re-deck/re-rail project for the deck and that was their objective.

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