Let The Sun Shine In, But Cooly, with Shade Structures by Des Moines' Archadeck of Central Iowa

What a view! Made more enjoyable by the white vinyl pergola over this Urbandale deck, west of Des Moines. See a view of this pergola from the ground, here.

People often ask, do pergolas work? Pergolas do provide shade. Pergolas do break the heat of the sun and reduce the temperature. Pergolas do provide a cozy, enclosed ambiance…with plenty of light. Traditional pergolas don’t keep you dry in the rain. Awnings and other fixed covers within a pergola can provide more shade and drier conditions.

Does that work for you and your aesthetic and outdoor living styles? Or, do you need more – maybe a full porch or fully enclosed space? These are all factors we will explore as we work with you thru our proven, custom, design-build process and ultimately bring the right project to fruition for you. Feel free to download our complimentary Design Guide to learn more and contact us for a complimentary design consultation when it makes sense for your timing and budget.

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